Fade to Black Copper Sunrise Drop Necklace

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Product Description

The play of light reflecting off ripples in a pond at sunset was the inspiration for my latest jewelry line, The Ripple Effect. Elegant loops combined in a variety of patterns represent the way the circular waves move across water and interact with one another. These interactions can be viewed as a metaphor for how our actions in life go out beyond just ourselves affecting others. The optional finish of varying shades enhances the drama, and a subtle texture catches the light to produce a gentle shimmer.

This wonderful necklace featuring a pendant that is 3 hand textured copper circles approximately 1.5", 1", and 3/4" for a total drop of almost 2.5". The pendant is strung onto a 18" sterling silver chain. Other chain styles and lengths are available if you feel this one is not right for you.

I know we all come in different sizes and statures. I make my necklaces so they fit right on me. If you like the look of this necklace, but would like it longer or shorter, I can do modifications. Please contact me and I will see how I can accommodate you. I offer a 14 day return, repair, exchange, and modification policy. Sometime you just don’t know until it is on your neck! Check out my profile for more details.

This necklace will be shipped in a gift box tied with a satin ribbon; great for gift giving!

I live in an old Victorian house built around 1880, in rural Illinois, amongst the corn fields. We bought the house about 5 years ago, literally saving it from near death. There were plans to bulldoze the house and reclaim the land and 10 acres of surrounding “yard” for farming purposes again. Slowly we have been bringing the old girl back to life. Recently, we have completely replaced and updated all of the original electrical system in the house. The wiring we removed was installed in the 1930's during the time of "Rural Electrification". Along with the standard wire, was what seems like mile of thick old lovely copper wire. I am now reclaiming this old wire and giving it a new life in my jewelry.

So, when you wear these copper items, you can have a cool story and a little bit of history to go along with it now!

Fade to Black Copper Sunrise Drop Necklace

Luster: A Quality that Outshines